Tacámbaro: a magic town boasting history, culture, and natural beauty (VIDEO)


The Magical Town of Tacámbaro is located just 55 kilometers from Pátzcuaro, known as the Balcony of Tierra Caliente, it is one of the Magical Towns of Michoacán that received the appointment in November 2012.

Tacámbaro has a privileged climate and a beautiful natural environment, with avocado orchards, its wooded area where the Albercaque is located, is in fact a small lake, an extinct volcano crater, surrounded by pines and oaks.

Tacámbaro means in Purépecha: “Place of Palm Trees.” We recommend taking time to get to know this Magical Town of Michoacán near Pátzcuaro, among its main attractions, is the Sanctuary of Fátima, where you will find four paintings of virgins.


This town joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2012.
Tacámbaro is considered a "heroic city", because on April 11, 1865, the forces of General Nicolás de Régules defeated the Belgian soldiers, who arrived to reinforce the French army.
The name Tacámbaro comes from tacamba (a kind of izote palm), so the word is interpreted as "place of palm trees".
The city served as the capital of Michoacán twice, once in 1865 and the other in 1915.


Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima
hospital temple
Main Square
Amalia Solorzano Cultural Center
Chapel of Santa Maria Magdalena


Battle Tacàmbaro, is celebrated in April as well as the traditional music festival "Son de las Laderas".
Feast of San Jerònimo, it is celebrated in September
Refugee Virgins, is celebrated in October


It is located in the center of the State, it limits to the north with Santa Clara, Huiramba and Acuitzio, to the east with Madero and Nocupétaro, to the south with Turicato, and to the west with Ario.

Source: SECTUR

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