Suspended notary issues private property deeds on federal property in Ajijic


As has happened with many other invasions of the federal areas surrounding Lake Chapala, in the community of San Antonio Tlayacapan in the Ajijic area, the inhabitants of this place denounce fraud and corruption of the notary public number 126 of Guadalajara, Alvaro Guzmán Merino, who was suspended from his duties for 12 months from August 2020 and issued deeds for a federal property in February 2021 when his suspension was still in effect

On July 24, the notification of suspension of the aforementioned notary appeared in the Official Newspaper of the State of Jalisco, who after being notified would be prevented from carrying out any type of act for a period of 12 months, a situation that he did not comply with in this complaint they make the inhabitants of this area.

That is why they came together to defend the nation’s heritage and denounce the fraud, invasion and corruption in this case involving five thousand square meters and a former candidate for deputy.

United, the inhabitants went to the boardwalk of San Antonio Tlayacapan to remove the pipes that surrounded this property where they intend to carry out some construction since they had personnel working in the area despite the closure seals that had taxes.

According to the deeds issued by the public notary number 126 of Guadalajara, Alvaro Guzmán Merino, who was the owner of this property was Gerardo Ponce Gómez, of whom they say no one knows him since he did not live in the community and the buyer is José de Jesús Arambul Solorio, who they mention was a candidate for deputy and it was through his political friends that he achieved this purchase with the complicity of the notary.

One of the complaints indicated that the notary lent himself to this corruption game since they are the first deeds issued for this property and have the number 19 thousand 965 of the Sixth Book dated February 3, 2021, but the alleged owner who he sold never verified his legal possession with other deeds since they argue that he owned the property since 1994 and there is no record that this is true.

“It is a first deed and here there is corruption on the part of the notary, of the government of the past administration headed by Moisés Anaya, because when someone sells they must certify the property they sell and that is not done here, since it is property of the nation. and it is the first deed that is done and that is why they wonder who sold them” , he said.

The argument is that there was a Conagua concession, but that is not enough to accredit a property because “the nation continues to own that property and nobody knows Gerardo Ponce and he is the one who claims to be the owner who sells, in the towns everyone knows each other and whoever had the concession of that place is not that person, it is a false name” .

He said that it is strange for everyone that they have gone to a notary in Guadalajara to issue the deeds when there are several of them in the Chapala area, that is why they will go to the Association of Public Notaries to request that this person be investigated and suspend his appointment.


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