Nevado de Toluca is the 4th highest mountain in Mexico (VIDEO)


The looming mountain of Nevado de Toluca is just 80-kilometers outside Mexico City and is the perfect day trip for exploring one of Mexico’s most surreal landmarks. Standing over 4,500-meters tall, Nevado de Toluca was once an active volcano before a volcanic plug formed in the mountain’s vent.

Now, hikers and mountain climbers set off for the summit for fresh air and jaw-dropping views of the surrounding area!

  • Hiking to the summit of Nevado de Toluca may take a full day, but it’s worth the view from the top! Plan at least 6-8 hours to complete the entire loop, and back warm clothes as its quite chilly from the high altitude!
  • Laguna del Sol is one of the two lakes formed in the craters of the volcano. The bright blue hue of the lake makes for a perfect setting for photographs. 
  • Skiing can be done in the winter due to the mountain’s high altitude. During the winter, skiers can stay at the neighboring family inn for a cozy retreat in the snow.

Source: Youtube

Mexico Daily Post