With dances and flowers, the Savi Nation asks for the arrival of the rain in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca


The pediment of the rain is an annual practice between mysticism and syncretism on the banks of a river; it is celebrated with potlucks in which food and drinks are offered to the guests.

Santiago Juxtlahuaca. – Between fireworks, drinks and the sacrifice of a goat, residents of the Barrio de Santo Domingo carried out one of the most emblematic celebrations in their culture as the Savi Nation: the Petition of the rain.

The pediment of the rain is an annual practice for many communities of the Savi (rain) Nation, in the Mixteca of Oaxaca, where some begin with the festivities at the end of March and conclude until May 15. Such is the case of the Barrio de Santo Domingo in the municipality of Santiago Juxtlahuaca, which celebrated it on March 31 and April 1.

The great festival of the petition of the rain is celebrated between mysticism and syncretism on the banks of a river, where the Ve ‘e Savi (House of Rain) is located, from the afternoon of the last day of March, with the dances of Los Chilolos and Los Rubios.

Adults, young people, and children dance and live together for several hours on the outskirts of Ve’e Savi; in the afternoon, they prepare candles, food, and drinks, to receive the great ceremony in honor of the rain.

The butler of the pediment of the rain prepares food to offer to the guests during the night, also drinks, although many people come with their “present” that is, they bring drinks or money to support the party, according to their will and faith to the celebration.

At night, people come with their candles and flowers to the Casa de la Lluvia to accompany the master of ceremony and all the faithful, to ask for rain for the peasants and all those who need it.

Before midnight, among several people they kill a goat and offer its head to the house of the rain, they also sprinkle pulque and aguardiente in the place. 

Just before 12:00 at night, the master of the ceremony, Jesús Evangelista Martínez, who is a rezandero, begins to ask the lord of the earth and the rain, San Marcos, so that the rains begin soon, for all the peasants who work the land, for all the people and peoples.

A few minutes go by like this, while those present sound the cuetes. In the presence of more than 60 people, the first drops of water begin to fall on the house from the rain, suddenly, the jet of water begins to do more.

All those present at the ceremony, go with the teacher Martínez so that he can clean them with the flowers and blow them with a little brandy. 

During the night you eat, drink and live among all the people who come.


Gabino Gutiérrez, the party’s butler, thanked and extended the invitation to everyone, since the water belongs to everyone.

On the afternoon of this Friday, those in charge of the party make a meal for coexistence among all the people, dances and mainly residents of the Santo Domingo neighborhood, to celebrate the rain.

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