Mexican war correspondent Eduardo Salazar uncovers war crimes in Ukraine


The outstanding work of Mexico’s most experienced war correspondent, Eduardo Salazar Gonzalez of Noticieros Televisa, has resonated internationally.

Eduardo and his team arrived in Ukraine almost a month ago, and since they entered this country, their goal was to get to Kyiv in order to cover the horrors of this war and make all the people in Mexico, the United States, and other Latin American countries aware of the truth about the events in this country.

But on Friday, April 1, Eduardo Salazar released tremendously strong images of the city of Irpin that have gone around the world.

The Mexican reporter is the only member of the international press who has visited the liberated Kyiv suburb of Irpin.

Eduardo saw dead bodies with traces of torture, shattered buildings, and burned-out Russian military vehicles in the streets as sounds of distant fighting still echoed in the background.

Some of the findings made in Irpin during the coverage of Eduardo and his team could be used as irrefutable evidenc to document war crimes against the Russian Army and President Vladimir Putin

Back in the early 2000s, Eduardo Salazar and late cameramen Jorge Pliego, made an exceptional job covering the events that took place in the city of Bagdad during the American occupation and the campaign to overthrow President Saddam Hussein.

The Mexico Daily Post congratulates this Mexican journalist that has demonstrated to be the most experienced and undisputed best war correspondent in Mexican history. Keep up the good work Eduardo!

Mexico Daily Post