Greenpeace Mexico asks that the works of the Mayan train be stopped until they issue the MIA


The cenotes and the jungle are in danger, Greenpeace warns of something that all of Mexico already knows, that construction is being done without the Environmental Impact Study (MIA) that, by law, must be delivered previously.

The law continues to be sidelined in the construction of the Mayan train, as well as animals, jungles, cenotes, and millions of citizens against this emblematic work of López Obrador. Greenpeace joins the various protests against these works, specifically those of Section 5 from Cancun to Playa del Carmen.

It is not new that we know that this, like the other sections, began work without having the Environmental Impact Study (MIA), which must be delivered in accordance with the law, so that the corresponding authorities in defense of the environment are aware of what the work is going to affect the environment and, with it, determine whether it can be carried out or not.

In this section, the considerable impact would be on the world’s largest system of cenotes and underground rivers, which serves to supply animals, plants and humans with the vital liquid, as well as part of the ecological balance that we must maintain in the cycles of water and carbon, essential for life itself.

In Greenpeace’s written petition you can read:

“If this project continues without considering the impacts on the environment, we will lose the natural wealth that has made Mexico one of the most beautiful countries. The cenotes that harbor life will be destroyed. Species like the jaguar, a symbol of the Mayan cultural heritage, will be left without their only home.”

Greenpeace’s environmental activism was accompanied by the symbolic closure of the machinery in section 5, by 8 activists, until it is handed over by Fonatur Tren Maya, the agency in charge of this project, the MIA that corresponds to this and the other sections, complete. In addition to the collection of signatures in the following league:


Mexico Daily Post