There is “little sympathetic” relationship between the US and Mexico


There are important challenges that must be carefully analyzed such as inflation, affected supply chains and the increase in the cost of logistics.

The head of the Ministry of Economy (SE), Tatiana Clouthier, assured that there is a “lack of clarity” on the part of the United States regarding the economic relationship with Mexico, since it said many times the neighboring country to the north asks the Mexican territory not sustain trade relations with certain countries, which makes a “little comprehensive relationship” about where they are looking to walk.

During her participation in the 105th General Assembly of Members of the American Chamber/Mexico (Amcham), the official pointed out that the US is experiencing a new situation in terms of technology, where she commented that the United States lost in some way “and I put it in quotes, he lost one type of job and gained another.”I think that the political part comes here were the unions that play a preponderant role, and they played it for the last election, put the pressure on themselves, and then they say, we are losing the job because it went to Mexico. There is a lack of clarity about what you want or not, on the one hand, they are emphatic (US) in saying, I want to strengthen my relationship with you (Mexico), I do not want you to get along with Juan, Pedro, and María; but I also want… I take this away from you, I take away the other one, and I take away the other one, then 

it becomes like an unsympathetic relationship by tracing a clear path of where we want to walk, ”she commented.

Regarding the manufacture of electric cars, Clouthier indicated that when it comes to co-producing, “we have or could enter into two mechanisms, we are talking about the issue of batteries, we are talking about electric cars, we are talking about hybrid cars, and I say it again; you don’t support me but you tell me not to get together with Juan and Pedro, then a type of schizophrenia enters where you say, well… then what do I do. So it is, if you are closing doors to me (EU), I see the need (Mexico) to find allies to walk towards where I want to enter, the country has a clarity that it is entering an energy transition ”.

Topics on the table

The representative of the Economy stated that there are important issues or challenges that must be carefully analyzed, such as inflation, the affected supply chains, and the increase in the cost of logistics.“We have important issues on the table, inflation, we have the issue of disruption of supply chains, the high cost of logistics and on the other hand also, the struggle to decide who attracts to have closer the raw materials, the products, and to be able to have an integration of value chains and supply chains as close as possible, and well a higher demand in terms of basic products and a constant increase in prices that this has created uncertainty”, she said.

She explained that one of the biggest challenges is logistics, both at the international level, “but I must also say it at the local level, at the national level logistics becomes important because its costs end up falling in the final price of the consumer.”We can see it as a great opportunity, seeing the great opportunity that some markets open up, and Mexico is a preponderant location for this, and say I am close to the United States, I am close to Canada, and I am close to a very important market that It has been everything that America is from Mexico downwards, ”she concluded.

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