Carmen Salinas and Felipe Cazals are honored at the 2022 Oscar Awards


Carmelita, as he was affectionately called, the Mexican Felipe Cazals also appeared, director of films such as “Canoa”, “Las Poquianchis”, “Los motives de Luz”, among others.

LOS ANGELES.- La Corcholata was remembered tonight at the In memoriam of the Oscars, Carmelita Salinas, who died on December 9, 2021. The actress and politician made countless films, including “Bellas de noche”, for which he earned the nickname of La Corcholata. 

Carmen Salinas dedicated more than 50 years to artistic work: she was an actress, singer, impersonator and comedian, she made more than 60 films and was one of the representatives of the era of file films.  

He also stood out in television and theater with works such as “Aventurera”, which he kept for 15 years. 

Like Carmelita, as he was affectionately called, the Mexican Felipe Cazals also appeared, director of films such as “Canoa”, “Las Poquianchis”, “Los motives de Luz”, among others. The director passed away on October 21 at the age of 84. 

Así fue el homenaje a Carmen Salinas y Felipe Cazals en los Oscar 2022 -  Infobae

Felipe Cazals he died at the age of 84. He was one of the most recognized Mexican film directors thanks to films like Canoe: memory of a shameful event (1976), in which he recreated the lynching of some workers at the University of Puebla, which occurred in 1968. They were mistaken for communists in the town of San Miguel Canoa.

Along with these two Mexicans who departed, this Sunday’s ceremony also honored the memory of other characters in the industry such as actress Sally Kellerman, producer Martha de LaurentiIs, producer Irwing Young, among others. 

Carmelita Salinas dies 

Carmen Salinas passed away on December 9, 2021, at the age of 82, as reported by the actress’s family through her social networks. 

The Mexican actress died after several weeks hospitalized for a stroke, the family confirmed in a statement. 

“With deep pain we inform you that the actress Carmen Salinas has passed away today, December 9, 2021,” her relatives reported in a statement they shared through social networks. 

“We thank everyone for their shows of support and respect for our family: as well as the shows of affection and prayers they gave to our beloved Carmelita Salinas,” the text continued. 

On November 11, the news broke that the actress had had a strong deterioration in health; According to Salinas’s nephew, Gustavo Briones, the actress had been admitted to the hospital in serious condition after having suffered a stroke that caused her to fall into a natural coma. 

Before she was hospitalized, Carmen was still active in her profession as part of the cast of the telenovela “Mi fortuna es amarte”, by Nicandro Díaz, so the news that the actress had deteriorated in her health was a surprise for the public and their relatives.

Eugenio Derbez se convierte en el segundo mexicano en una cinta ganadora al  Oscar por Mejor Película

Another successful Mexican was Eugenio Derbez, not for a solo nomination, but for a group work during the film CODA that has earned them numerous awards, including best film at the most recent Oscars.

The actor, completely moved, uploaded to social networks the video of the moment in which  Lady Gaga and Liza Minelli presented the category in which the film in which they participated was nominated, and after opening the envelope, they revealed their triumph.

“Long live Mexico! Tonight the winner was inclusion. Long live the art of cinema.  CODA has shown that you can always make history, even without big names or a budget, but putting all your heart into it”, were the words he wrote in the following publication.

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