Punta Mita: home to five-star hotels and luxury vacation rentals (VIDEO)


More or less 60 minutes away from the Puerto Vallarta airport lies the beach destination of Punta Mita, a sleepy residential community surrounded by white sand beaches on three of its sides.

Punta Mita is home to five-star hotels and luxury vacation rentals, as well as golf courses. Wake up to modern, minimalist, tropical, or rustic lodging and enjoy upscale oceanfront views of the Mexican horizon.

Because of its high-class resorts, it’s undoubtedly considered to be among the best beach spots in Mexico.

Punta Mita Ocean Sports offers you the most exquisite beach experiences, such as sport fishing, kayaking, whale watching, surfing, paddleboarding, sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and so much more.

There’s also a bird sanctuary nearby, and recreational trails abound in Punta Mita’s landscape.

Source: Youtube

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