3 out of 10 companies in Mexico are run by women: FORBES

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Despite the low representation of women, companies that are committed to female talent benefit from diversity.

In Mexico, only 35% of companies are run by women, according to the report “Women in Business 2021”, which highlights the biases, learned gender roles, the gaps in accessing paid work, and the machismo that still persists in the business world.

María Ariza, current general director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA), explained that despite the fact that there are few companies run by women, companies that are committed to female talent benefit from diversity since they register a 35% higher performance.

During the “Mujeres Protagonistas del Cambio: Transformando el Mundo” panel, Ninfa Salinas, president of the board of directors of Fundación Azteca and also president and founder of Grupo Dragón, highlighted the importance of punishing and investigating complaints of sexual harassment.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in the company for 200 years or if you’re the boss’s friend, if you’re guilty you leave the company,” she said.

In addition, she criticized the stereotype of “superwoman”, which forces women to be productive in their work, look good and take care of their homes too; This is dangerous because it is overwhelming, warned the businesswoman.

“Women have been opening spaces in the business world, they have dreams that they did not have 20 years ago. So it is our obligation to generate different conversations about how we want to face these new roles for women,” said Ninfa Salinas.

Source: Forbes Mexico