There was nothing to eat at the AIFA inauguration, except for street Tlayudas (VIDEO)


At 35 and 40 pesos a Tlayuda: This was the only type of snack available at the inauguration of the AIFA.

Given the total lack of food supply on the opening day of the new Santa Lucía airport (AIFA), the snack vendors supplied food to long lines of people at the airport facilities.

In social networks, several users shared images of vendors of this appetizer also known as Tlayudas Chilangas, different from the Oaxacan Tlayudas, a base of golden and crunchy blue corn, with beans, nopales, grated cheese, onion, and salsa, served on a napkin or a sheet of paper, in the absence of dishes.

In another video, agents of the National Guard are observed trying to dissuade a woman, without success, so that she stops selling, “I know it’s your job, but it’s also mine, I have to work,” she says without stopping to spread refried beans on top of the Tlayudas with a line of about 30 people waiting in front of her.

The Tlayudas were part of the things sold on the floor (flea-market style) at the new airport facilities.

Street vendors were offering hats, mugs with the photo of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Morena hats, AMLO’s books, t-shirts, and even action figures with the face of the Mexican president, among other souvenirs.

Street vendors at AIFA

The only food and beverage business that was open at AIFA was Starbucks, which gave away black coffee and a slice of bread to celebrate the opening of the new airport, but they ran out in less than an hour and closed down the business for the day.

The AIFA will have a shopping center with two levels of commercial premises, a children’s indoor playground area, an educational center, a SEDENA store, a SEDENA sentinel, a cinema, a Banjército branch, a bowling alley, a gym, an event room, warehouses, public parking and administrative. In addition, an electrical substation and a garbage deposit will be installed, according to the information posted by the Federal Government.

However, practically all the commercial premises remain empty, and in fact, many of them are available for lease.

Source: El Financiero

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