Is the Fifth Wave coming to Mexico?


Is the Fifth Wave coming to Mexico? For many experts such as Hugo Lopéz Gatell, the question is: When will the Fifth Wave of Covid arrive in Mexico?

“Everything depends on the biological characteristics of the virus: the possibility that it escapes the immune response, that the disease may be more aggressive and that it may be more transmissible,” said López-Gatell.

On the other hand, he also reiterated that, in the future, we do not know which variant of coronavirus may arrive, given this, we need to be prepared and not lower our guard.

Regarding a fifth wave present in Mexico, the head of the Ministry of Health (SSA) of Puebla, José Antonio Martínez García, said that “it can occur as long as a new strain that is highly contagious appears.”

A fifth wave, according to the official, would be like “outbreaks” that will occur in large cities or municipalities whose population is very high, in addition, coupled with the disuse of face masks, not keeping a healthy distance and ignoring other important measures such as disinfection, hand washing, among other.

Likewise, in other countries of the world, they are already seeing the fifth wave, added due to active cases and, mainly, the “hasty” lifting of anti-COVID restrictions.

“The countries where we see a particular increase are the UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, and Germany… these countries have brutally lifted restrictions,” according to Hans Kluge, WHO director for Europe.

Source: Excelsior

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