Colima: 106 intentional homicides in 5 weeks

A woman and two men were shot at different points in the capital of Colima on Saturday, March 12. (Photo: REUTERS/Jorge Duenes)

The wave of violence that hit Colima left three dead and two injured as part of different events recorded in the state capital, just on Saturday, March 12.

One of the deaths derived from an attack that a group of hitmen perpetrated against a woman who was inside her home on Nuevo León street.

Unofficial reports assured that the victim died at the scene, while the aggressors fled from the place despite the security operation implemented in the area by agents of the Armed Forces and the Municipal Police.

Meanwhile, another violent event was recorded on Maclovio Herrera street, downtown Colima, where armed individuals shot at a man in the middle of the street. According to reports, a woman would have been seriously injured too, and she was transferred to a hospital.

One more intentional homicide was reported around 7:00 p.m., a man was executed while walking with his family in the park of Colima’s Albarrada neighborhood. According to reports, another male was also wounded by a stray bullet.

It should be noted that in that same neighborhood, on Friday, March 11, a fire was started in a home where, minutes before, a man had been seriously injured after tactical equipment, shell casings, armored vests, and drugs were seized.

These violent events are part of the bloody panorama that the state of Colima has experienced in recent weeks as a result of internal disputes of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

These have left a total of 106 homicides in five weeks, which represents the highest number of crimes in the history of the state governed by Indira Vizcaíno.

Source: El Pais

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