Arizona mourns the loss of an ASU student who fell to death in Cabo, Mexico


The last week has been nothing short of a nightmare for Sayra and Matias Nevarez.

Their son, 18-year-old Aiden Nevarez, fell to his death while on a spring break trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, early Monday. They were notified in a phone call from the consulate a few hours later.

“You can’t breathe, you can’t process anything, you don’t feel like anything is real,” Sayra Nevarez said in an interview with The Arizona Republic on Saturday. “Everything stops — your life stops right there.”

The Arizona State University freshman scaled a short wall at his hotel that he didn’t realize had a 20-foot drop on the other side. Both of his parents agreed that changes, whether through better signage or a heightened wall, need to be made in light of their son’s sudden accidental death.-

“This can’t happen to anyone else — it’s completely senseless,” Sayra Nevarez said.

More than $100,000 had been raised through GoFundMe to support the family by Saturday afternoon. She said it has been “so heartwarming” to see how much her son has touched others’ lives, adding that he was and remains a “bright, bright light.”

Matias Nevarez said they’ve heard countless stories from people over the last few days about how kind and respectful their son was. Other parents even viewed him as one of their own children, he told The Republic, going on to say that it makes them “so proud” to know how much of a positive difference he made in his 18 years.

Sayra, Aiden and Matias Nevarez.
Sayra, Aiden and Matias Nevarez.

Sayra Nevarez said her emotions on Saturday were “just as raw” as they were on Monday, but that they are “thrilled that everybody gets to see a little piece of him even in this awful circumstance.”

Their son had big plans for his life and a “very, very bright future,” she said. He was majoring in financial planning and was particularly interested in helping younger people understand finance.

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