Querétaro governor reported that of the 26 people injured in the La Corregidora 19 have already been discharged


Mauricio Kuri, governor of Querétaro, reported that of the 26 people injured in the La Corregidora stadium, who were admitted to the hospital, 19 have already been discharged.

He said four are in “code yellow,” meaning their lives are not in danger. One of them was transferred to Mexico City to save his eye, unfortunately, he lost the eye. And another one of the injured is still in serious condition.

13 of the injured were in the General Hospital of Querétaro and the rest in the Mexican Social Security Institute. The Attorney General of Querétaro reported that there are no reports of casualties.

“This situation hurts all of us, for me to see the images is incredible that they are not dead, because the bodies look inert, however, my responsibility is to tell the truth,” the governor said in an interview.

Queretaro governor Mauricio Kuri

The Governor stated that they are already taking action on the matter and will apply the full weight of the law to those responsible, they will be placed behind bars, because “they hurt Querétaro, the country and in Querétaro, there is no impunity.”

He referred that the company contracted by the Querétaro Club was canceled and five public servants in charge of the security operation were fired for obvious reasons.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office officially initiated the investigation for the crimes of attempted homicide, violence in sports events, assault, criminal association, and possible crimes committed by public servants.

Source: OEM

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