Stay in some of the most artistic Airbnb houses in Mexico


The picturesque and mystical culture of Mexico is one of its most important and recognized qualities worldwide thanks to the fact that the love for art in this country is carried into all aspects of daily life, from the colorful markets to the architecture that looks like something out of a painting. Walking through the streets of any city in Mexico, is to have the fortune to find places full of art, color and culture,  which is why Mexico City is known for being the capital with the largest number of museums worldwide. agreement with the UNAM Foundation.

This love for art is something that has appropriated the lives of all Mexicans and that is why it is no surprise that when the hosting platform Airbnb shared its list of the most artistic houses in Mexico, they all left us wanting to spend a couple of days and even weeks in each of these.

The list is made up of 5 houses that, either because of their decoration, their location, their history, or their incredible view, have been named by Airbnb as works of art where you should spend even one night and breathe “pure art”. 

Historic Mansion in CDMX
This mansion is located just steps from the Cathedral in the Zócalo of Mexico City and will surely make you fall in love. airbnb

Historic Mansion in Downtown

Mexico City

This mansion is located just steps from the Cathedral in the Zócalo of Mexico City and is a true 17th-century palace. In addition to the impressive architecture, this beautiful house has become a favorite of many thanks to the spectacular location close to museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Best of all, this house can accommodate up to 12 people in 3 suites decorated with the best taste, adding prestigious works of art and perfectly restored antique furniture to the spaces, making it seem like a trip back in time.

Geometric Cabin in Tepoztln
This modern geometric cabin is located in the heart of this magical town of Tepoztlán. airbnb

Geometric Cabin


Tepoztlán is one of the most popular weekend tourist destinations thanks to its proximity to the country’s capital. This modern geometric cabin is located in the heart of this magical town and offers the opportunity to wake up with the best panoramic views of the mountains that seem to be taken from a painting. In addition, this property is an ecological and pet-friendly space and has a private pool ideal for resting and relaxing.

Sculptor studio in Tepoztln
This Airbnb property is the refuge of a Mexican sculptor. airbnb

Sculptor’s Studio


Sculpture is one of the most special forms of art thanks to the detail it entails. This Airbnb property is the refuge of a sculptor that is full of works of art, which is why she falls in love with all visitors. With a spectacular glass ceiling and an onyx sink, this house became a work of art in its own right and is the perfect place to get inspired and end up becoming the artist you always dreamed of.

Joy Palace in Brisas de Zicatela
Palacio looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale and you will love it. airbnb

Palacio Alegría

Zicatela Breezes

In addition to the art and color of Mexico, mysticism is one of the qualities that stands out for tourists and this house is a clear example of this. This palace looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale and is perfect for transporting you back to your favorite childhood story. This house is ideal to rest for a weekend where you can be inspired and create incredible photographs in its facilities.

Small house in La RomaCondesa
This house received the approval of the National Institute of Fine Arts in 1910. Airbnb

Period house in La Roma/Condesa

Mexico City

The National Institute of Fine Arts gave its approval to this house from the year 1910 and since then it has been one of the most beautiful properties in the city. This property was recently completely remodeled and is currently an Airbnb accommodation where up to 8 people can stay to enjoy the spacious environments. In addition to sleeping in its comfortable bedrooms, it will be possible to have access to graphic works by contemporary Mexican artists, which are for sale in order to grow the art collections of visitors.

So if you are ready to take a weekend break in Mexico and want to soak up the art and color of this country, do not hesitate to stay in any of these Airbnb properties that you will surely love.

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