Endless construction of Puerto Vallarta’s Cuale bridge


No official date for the completion of the construction of the Cuale bridge on Morelos and Insurgentes streets. There, the underground pedestrian passage is being built that will link the handicraft market with the children’s island.

With the construction of this passage, users and visitors will be able to access that area without having to cross the street in traffic as was the case in the past, which generated a constant risk of an accident occurring.

Construction of the bridge of which

To date, the construction companies are advancing in the casting of the plates of the access ramps to the bridge, pending that part of the passage where the central plate will be cast, which would culminate the construction work of the bridge, which is one of the main roads. communication center of the city.

On the subject of the completion of this important urban infrastructure project, those responsible for the construction of the bridge say they are not authorized to report this information, which is only available to the state government through the office of works and urban infrastructure. 

To date, seven months have passed since this large urban structure was demolished by the flooding of the Cuale River on August 28, and so far the damage to the market has already been overcome, with the staircase on Libertad Street still pending.

Construction of the bridge of which

In the case of the merchants, they were satisfied with the fact that the authorities took their recommendation into account, and now their businesses would not be isolated from the Cuale handicraft market.

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Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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