Zacatecas could be one of the most important Cultural Tourism Destinations in Mexico (VIDEO)


Located in the middle of nowhere, almost directly in the center of the country, the little mining town of Zacatecas is one of my favorite places in Mexico.

With world-class art museums housing works from ancient indigenous peoples, contemporary Mexican artists, and renowned names like Dali, Picasso, and Miro — not to mention its own thriving local art scene– it’s a surprisingly creative, offbeat sort of place.

The meandering jumble of architecture and bustling streets are a photographer’s dream. And there is outstanding food to be had (I’m looking at you, Villasuncion).

Sadly, the wider state of Zacatecas has been in the news recently due to an eruption of violence between rival cartels, but the fact is that this danger is almost entirely limited to those who have the misfortune of living in its shadow.

Let’s put it this way: As long as you don’t happen to be caught up in narco business, you will find Zacatecas to be a charming, welcoming place.

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