Russian embassy thanks Mexico for not imposing sanctions

The Russian ambassador to Mexico, Viktor V. Koronelli, (Photo taken from the Facebook account @EmbRusiaMexico)

The Russian ambassador to Mexico, Viktor V. Koronelli, described on Saturday, March 5th, as “satisfactory” that Mexico has announced that they will not take unilateral economic sanctions against their nation for the conflict in Ukraine.

The representative of Vladimir Putin’s government added that there are no reasons for Mexico-Russia relations to be affected.

At a press conference at the Russian diplomatic headquarters, Koronelli stated: “We are pleased that they refused to join the actions against Russia and that we can continue the successful cooperation between the two countries.”

Regarding Mexico’s position in the United Nations Security Council and in other UN bodies, where it has condemned the invasion and called for an immediate ceasefire, Koronelli considered that they are the demonstrations of an independent nation.

“Friendly relations are characterized by mutual respect for opinions and the mutual ability to listen, and our relationship with Mexico is the oldest we have with a Latin American country,” he said, recalling that this year marks 130 years of relations bilateral.

The military attache of the embassy, ​​Alexey Derevyankin, said that Russia is to celebrate that the Mexican government opposed sending weapons to Ukraine.

Source: La Jornada

Mexico Daily Post