Spring Break Travel Restrictions for Mexico


Going on vacation for spring break? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently relaxed its guidance on mask-wearing and other COVID-19 precautions. But travelers still need to know what requirements are in place at their destination.

Popular spring break locations for Arizonans — including Hawaii, Mexico, Southern California, and Las Vegas — have varying guidelines in place.

And while most places have eased their pandemic policies, re-entering the United States by air still requires a negative COVID-19 test. And you still have to wear your mask at the airport and on the plane.

Here’s what spring break travelers should know about the latest COVID-19 protocols in popular vacation spots in the United States and Mexico.

Rocky Point

Mexico travel restrictions

Is vaccination required? Travelers to Mexico are not required to provide their vaccination status and COVID-19 testing is not required to enter the country.

According to the Mexican Embassy in the United States, travelers must complete an online questionnaire about whether they have had contact with anyone exposed to or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The questionnaire also asks if the traveler has any symptoms.

Visiting Rocky Point? There is no longer a curfew, but masks are required in public places and in vehicles with two or more passengers. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are operating at 75% capacity and they close at 11 p.m. Get more information at https://www.puertopenascomexico.com.

Cabo San Lucas, Baja Califorina Sur

Going to Cabo San Lucas? COVID-19 testing is not required, but travelers must sign a health declaration form. Get more info at https://www.visitloscabos.travel.

Does Mexico have quarantine rules? Mexico has no quarantine requirements for arriving travelers.

Is COVID-19 testing required to return to the U.S.? Air travelers age 2 and older, regardless of nationality or vaccination status, must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within one day of their flight’s departure to the United States, according to travel.state.gov

Source: travel.state.gov

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