Mexican national and his Ukranian girlfriend want to evacuate


A month and a half ago, Mexican Omar Aviña went to Kyiv, Ukraine, to ask for the hand of his fianceé Iryna Volkova, since they have been together for 5 years. The intention of both young people was to return to Mexico at the beginning of March, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was ahead of them. Now, this couple has already enlisted to take the plane that the Mexican government sent to Romania.

In an interview with Forbes Mexico, the Mexican says that he met Iryna Volkova five years ago in Beijing. They were both studying in the same university: she was studying law and he was studying physical education. Months after they met, they began a relationship, now looking to get married.

The 32-year-old explained that after the arrival of the Russian army in Ukraine, he and his girlfriend were living in an apartment in Kyiv, but due to the constant clashes in areas near where they were, they decided to leave.

“First we were in the apartment, but hearing the bombs and all the attacks at night, we couldn’t sleep with the fear that our apartment would be attacked. So, we decided to go to the subway and we slept there for three days. Now we are in the Residence of the Embassy of Mexico”, he recounts.

Now, the young couple, along with more Mexicans who were staying at the diplomatic headquarters of Mexico, will be able to leave on the plane sent by the Mexican Government.

“We are going from Kyiv to the border city of Siret, we will cross the border to Romania, and then we will take the Air Force flight that is coming for us and we will go to Mexico,” Aviña said.

Omar Aviña —who is from Jacona, Michoacán— says that it is not the first time that he has had to evacuate a country due to an emergency; Two years ago he left Beijing, China, as the city was closed by Covid-19.

When speaking of the treatment of the Mexican authorities, the young man points out that they have been attentive and taking care of the security of the compatriots.

“They have been very attentive, preventing, and taking care of our security in terms of logistics, because it is not an easy task, because the border is very distant. It is an 8 hour drive from Kiev to Siret”, he concluded.

Source: Forbes Mexico

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