Holbox Island: an oasis of peace on the coast of Mexico (VIDEO)


Often touted as Mexico’s best-kept secret, Holbox is a tiny island off the north coast of the Yucatan peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo.

This is a great spot for wildlife spotting, highlighted by the whale sharks that visit in the summer months.

There’s not much else to do here, but that’s the point. Simply enjoy this beautiful, laid-back place where you can spend the majority of your time barefoot. Isla Holbox is one of the top places to visit in Mexico if you’re seeking some relaxation.

To get here, you’ll need to drive or take a bus to the town of Chiquila and then catch a ferry. Cars are not allowed on the island, so if you do have one you’ll need to leave it parked in Chiquila.

Since there are no cars here, your options for getting around include rented bicycles or golf carts.

isla holbox is one of the top places to visit in mexico for relaxation

Five things to do in Holbox:

5. Relax on the beach The 5th best thing to do on Isla Holbox is to relax on the beach. The island has a variety of beaches to choose from and all of them offer a different experience. But our favorite to relax on was Isla Holbox Beach on the Northern side of the island. That’s because it has a pristine strip of white sand stretching for miles.

4. Explore the island by bike Coming in at number 4, we have to explore the island by bike. Isla Holbox is known for its chill vibe and relaxing atmosphere. Having a bike allows you to explore the island at your own pace and find hidden spots where not many other tourists are.

3. Bioluminescence The third best thing to do on Isla Holbox is to observe the bioluminescence. About an hour after sunset, it gets dark enough to see plankton glowing green in the water. Just head to the main entrance of Punta Cocos, take a left to the point where there is a small lagoon, and you will see people splashing in the water.

2. Watching the sunset The runner-up activity to do in Isla Holbox is watching the sunset. Since the northern beaches and Punta Cocos both face the sunset, they are the most ideal places to watch the sun go down.

1. Walk the sandbar the best activity to do on Isla Holbox in Mexico is to walk the golden sandbar pathway. Starting on the Northside of the island at the end of Avenida Demero, you can enter the ocean and find your way onto a strip of winding sand that stretches for kilometers all the way to Mosquito Point.

Source: YouTube

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