Dredging company leaves Puerto Vallarta without water and flee from the Police


SEAPAL carried out a special operation to intercept the machinery of the dredging companies that are drilling the bed of the Mascota River almost at its intersection with the Ameca, causing the water to be diverted or stopped before reaching the Radial Well, which supplies to more than 20% of Puerto Vallarta.

Upon arrival, the agency’s entourage, led by its director Salvador Llamas, found machinery working within the security perimeter of the Radial Well, for which they called the Municipal Police. A machine operator tried to flee.

The dredging companies denounced by SEAPAL, have excavated the riverbed and therefore the water no longer flows down the radial well in such volume. Additionally, the Mascota River was diverted earlier than normal.

Consequently, the Radial Well is producing very little water, affecting the supply throughout the city, generating the outages that the neighborhoods suffer.

Even so, SEAPAL carries out works that have already been practically completed and will allow the capture of up to 250 liters per second to replenish the network.

However, the agency has already filed the corresponding complaints with the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to achieve a review of the sifters’ permits and corresponding government actions against their actions, which have clearly affected the supply network.

Source: vallartaenlinea.com

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