They surprise an employee with a ‘clandestine shop’ in the office and instead of being fired receives praise


The woman has the merchandise in bags and divides them between sweet, salty and “coquitas in the fridge” areas.

On Twitter, the publication of a man who exposed one of his employees for having a “clandestine little store” in the office went viral. The image has been shared and commented on by thousands of people, but what happened when he discovered it? here we tell you.

The man named Eddie explained that he realized that one of the employees he is in charge of has a “secret little store in my office. “

businessman has made the best chronicle of entrepreneurship inside his offices, after discovering that an employee operates a ” secret store ” in front of which he made a decision, to recognize the woman’s initiative, an action that earned her an unexpected response from the owner of this small business.

The sale of products inside offices has become a commercial activity widely spread in the corporate world, due to the ease that this represents for office employees, given the impossibility of going to a point of sale or simply because it offered in these ventures is interesting for the people who buy in them.

“I’m dying of tenderness, I applaud your instinct. I fake dementia, for a long time (because of the diet) ”, she argued, explaining that he did not retaliate against the woman after her entrepreneurial decision. In exchange for her permission, he revealed, he received “payment” from the employee for a bag stocked with all the products she sells at her desk.

Eddie Velasco, as he identifies himself on Twitter, showed two images in his chronicle. In one of them, there are two bags with all kinds of snacks, including Bimbo bread and Sabritas products.

” I applaud your instinct.”.

He explained that the employee has her merchandise in bags and divides them between sweet, salty, and “coquitas in the fridge” area.

He said that everyone in the office is happy because they have chips or cookies in case they need to eat something and do not have to leave the office.

The only complaint he made to the worker is that “she is missing loose cigarettes.”

A secret shop in company offices

The entrepreneurship of stores within offices has become a very popular activity, which has even reached social networks as a controversial business model.

The case that we must point out, in this case, occurred when a nurse was exhibited by what seemed to be a doctor, after making fun of her entering her office to offer her Avon catalog products.

The alleged doctor exhibited the act on networks and explained that this type of commercial activity did not go with her medical status, so her message was described as classist, denigrating the woman’s activity.

These cases are important references, above all because of the response generated by the brand, who supported its sales representative with a campaign that is not wasted and has enormous potential at the door.

Given these aspects, it is relevant to understand what is worth understanding in the market and scale with it when it comes to innovating the entrepreneurship channel.

With this in mind, it is relevant to understand the main aspects that help to understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship today and what aspects are fundamental to be able to see the opportunity offered by the various business cases that have been established in the market.

The cases in this note are also an important precedent, of how many professionals seek to diversify their income in the market and, most importantly, establish key antecedents in the market, especially when it comes to innovating in consumption.

Faced with this approach, it is important to define crucial activities today, especially when it is possible to highlight how important it is to understand the context because it provides the opportunities to undertake sales of all kinds, especially with daily activities in the areas in which that we perform, with which activities that do not disappoint are revealed, on the contrary, they warn us of the opportunity in the market to innovate in it.

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