The Zócalo of the city of Oaxaca has become a pigsty again


OAXACA, Oaxaca. February 23, 2022.- The Zócalo of the city of Oaxaca, once one of the most beautiful spaces, has been converted into a pigsty.

People who invaded the spaces where there were planters, seedlings, protests, positions of groups that hide behind precautionary measures.

In the Zócalo of the city, they cook, eat and deposit their feces.

The groups were provided with toilets, mobile latrines that give off an unpleasant fetid odor for many meters.

The unsanitary conditions of those who are in this place not only affect them but also those who pass by out of necessity or leisure.

At nearby restaurants where some diners go for breakfast, nausea-inducing aromas are unavoidable.

In the great paradox, in one of the corridors of the Zócalo, luxury vehicles, vans, also part of the protest, are parked.

Many people arrive at this emblematic site and live among the infection hotspot, but nobody seems to care about the dismal conditions.

Although attempts have been made to recover it, the Zócalo continues to deteriorate inexorably.

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