Far from the 100,000 of the past, Cancun expects 20,000 Spring Breakers in 2022


As a consequence of the fact that the destination decided to no longer make direct promotion to bring them, the arrival of Spring Breakers to Cancun has dropped significantly, falling from 100 thousand at some point to 20 thousand that are calculated to arrive in 2022, assured the president of the Association of Hotels in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres, Jesús Almaguer.

The reasons that are argued are mainly 2, being a low-spending tourist and the damage they do in the places where they stay, however, Almaguer assured, they cannot be despised, so they even prepare in the hotels they will receive the activities and concerts for their entertainment.

“Hopefully the number will go up, but everything depends on the trust in the destination, and in this case, it is more about building trust with the parents who are the ones paying for the trip,” he added.

The average expenditure of these visitors, who come mainly from New York, Texas, and California, is 200 dollars for the entire stay, which is less than the average vacationer expenditure of 1,500 dollars.

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