“Loser” Roberto Palazuelos will not be a candidate for the Government of Quintana Roo


The actor Roberto Palazuelos will not be a candidate for the Government of Quintana Roo for Citizen Movement and his place would be occupied by Senator José Luis Pech, and now formerly from Morena, according to sources linked to both parties.

Last Tuesday, the national leader of the orange movement, Dante Delgado, communicated to the Morena senator Freyda Marybel Villegas that he was interested in Senator José Luis Pech.

“I spoke with Dante and he told me that he was interested in Senator Pech leading the candidacy,” revealed Senator Freyda Marybel, who had initially agreed to champion MC, although in the end she ended up thanking Dante after the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, reprimanded her.

According to this version, Senator Pech accepted the offer that Dante Delgado made to him to lead the orange movement in Quintana Roo.

Just yesterday, Senator Pech announced that he would not support the nomination of Mara Lezama for Governor of Quintana Roo by Morena-PT-PVEM.

Sources involved in the definition of the candidacy explained that in the most recent surveys that they met in the MC leadership, “many negatives” appeared in the figure of Palazuelos.

“I am afraid that Palazuelos’ fate is cast,” confided one of the sources consulted.

It has transpired that Palazuelos, whose controversial profile ruined his candidacy, would fly this afternoon from Cancun to Mexico City to meet with Dante Delgado.

Wrapped in homicide scandals and accusations of dispossession, Palazuelos received a scolding from Dante Delgado last week for his controversial statements. In fact, the leader asked him about his statements that he had murdered “a fat man.”

At the same time, in Quintana Roo, it transpired that Senator Pech has already announced that he will be the standard-bearer of the Citizen Movement.

The formalization of this decision would take place on Saturday in the plenary session of the National Assembly of the Citizen Movement.

Palazuelos, a 55-year-old actor, businessman, model, lawyer, and television presenter, registered as a candidate at the party’s national headquarters on January 21.

Two days after his registration, Palazuelos formally began the pre-campaign of the party in the State and since then he has been at the center of controversy for his participation in the death of two alleged criminals on October 5, 2002, in the then Miguel Hidalgo Delegation. .

In this regard, the actor acknowledged having activated a weapon for which he had a permit to carry.

In addition, he faces accusations about his properties, the management of his hotels in the State, and labor difficulties with his employees.

In the last week, before the end of the pre-campaigns on February 10, Palazuelos faced criticism from within MC who considered that his candidacy is not consistent with the profile, principles and program that the party builds and defends. .

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