Orphan pigs become beloved celebrities after invading a beach in Yucatan, Mexico

Orphan pigs become celebrities on Mexico beach

(Progreso, Yucatan).- ‘Pig Beach’ was born after local authorities rescued eight piglets.

Every day at noon they are taken out of their pen to swim in the ocean, explore, and interact with tourists.

The pigs will remain at the beach until they are fully grown when they will be moved to a place for larger animals.

The hope is in the future their piglets will also visit Pig Beach.

Approximately 8 months ago, a call to the Progreso Ecological Patrol changed the landscape of the beach, as they rescued eight little pigs that now find their home in the area, named Pig Beach in their honor.

Melina Uribe Febles, a municipal officer, says that in the call for help a couple of months ago, they were told that there was a lot of noise from animals in a vacant lot, so the Ecological Patrol went to the area to check what was happening, and instead, they found the mother along with the piglets.

From that moment, the care and attention by the veterinarian began, “at the first moment he carried out the protocols to check the temperature, state of the skin” and, because the mother died, they continued to provide constant check-ups and food to the piglets.

According to the veterinarian’s instructions, even the pigs’ diet has been modified according to their needs, because when they found them “they were miniature” because they were in their first days of life.

Pig Beach is located next to the Hotel Costa Club in Yucalpeten and can be visited from 8 in the morning, where the animals are permanently watched and protected, with routine visits by the specialist.

“The pigs are already living there (Pig Beach) and they are going to stay there,” he said, adding that they have already adapted to the conditions for their survival at the site, where they are visited by 300 people daily, on average. “Every day more people come to the place to interact with them.”

He emphasized the importance of respecting pigs like any other animal, in this case, respecting their times; “If we approach the corral and they are sleeping, we must let them sleep; if they are eating, you have to let them eat ”.

(Photo: Progreso Ecological Patrol)

But all people can interact with them, caressing and hugging them, “but if at some point the pig shows that he is uncomfortable or that he prefers to be with his little brothers, we have to respect him,” he continued.

In the same way, he shared that they are allowed to enter the sea, but as long as they show what they want and as long as the weather conditions and state of health of the animals allow it.

“If they don’t want to swim, we respect it and return them to the corral … We have respect for their own decision,” he said, noting that they are still very small animals and that they need to be cared for and protected.

Source: NIUS Diario

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