The third edition of the sportfishing tournament “Marina Puerto Escondido Fishing Tournament” in Loreto, Baja California Sur; It will be held from May 13 to 15, and with it, they hope to catapult the tournament and the region to an international level as a very good destination to carry out these practices.

In his recent visit to Los Cabos to promote the tournament, the general director of Marina Puerto Escondido in Loreto, Enrique Salcedo announced that the tournament has 2 categories, catch and release (catch and release) and weigh-in.

“It is our interest to have an international tournament, Loreto the fishing is great and we are trying to publicize the tournament for sport fishing, clicerio will provide us with a registration for the Bisbee’s tournament for the winner of catch and regulate”, he shared.

The species to be caught in the catch and release categories are billfish, marlin, and sailfish, for each catch there will be a point, so those who make the most catches will be the winners of the first places.

In the case of the weighing category, the species to be caught is horse mackerel or dorado, taking into account that the minimum weight is 10 pounds. The cost of registration is one thousand dollars per team, they can be 4 fishermen.

The prize pool depends on the team registrations that are achieved. 80 percent of the registrations are designated to the prizes plus the cocks that are optional, they have guaranteed 25 thousand dollars for prizes.

Last year, they managed to register 30 teams that participated in the tournament, they collected a purse of 200 thousand dollars, they hope that this year they can have a larger purse, since they expect 45 teams.

For more information, you can go to the following site: https://www.mpefishingtournament.com/info.php

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