“Gringo Gulch” Puerto Vallarta neighbors upset at new construction


El Gringo Gulch or Barrio Gringo, is the most traditional in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton lived there, its residents are mostly foreigners, who acquired the properties for its architectural charm and panoramic village view; with clay tiles, white walls, ironwork on windows and other details of colonial mountain style, which attracts the attention of tourists. 

Citizen complaints received by CPS Noticias-Tribuna de la Bahia warned of the construction of a supposedly irregular building because in an area of ​​200 square meters they have already built three floors and intend to build one more level, which breaks with the visual image of this building in the iconic neighborhood. This worries the neighbors because they consider that it will cause a drop in the added value of their heritage, in addition to losing their privacy and their cultural value. 

Gringo Gulch or Barrio Gringo, in the Center of Puerto Vallarta

It is located where the private one of Callejón Cuauhtémoc meets, at Nicolás Bravo number 45, next to this work lives Sallian Ulfsten-Zerr, who regretted the neglect of this area, which was previously one of the best-preserved and allows the alteration to the environment caused by this edifice; Now those who buy these apartments have a view of their patio and pool.

Another of those affected is Ada María Wells, who also has her residence in Cuauhtémoc alley, she recalled that they decided to live there because of what is typical of the neighborhood, worried, she looked at how this modern building was raised in the middle, violating the height and image, for what he fears is that others will do the same and lose the essence and attractiveness of the place.

“The problem started 18 months ago, we bought our house, but some people are making the buildings bigger, bigger, which is dangerous, because its historical value is lowering,” he said.

Gringo Gulch or Barrio Gringo, in the Center of Puerto Vallarta

Other neighbors have taken their complaint to the Town Hall, but have not seen a response, as the construction continues. Omar Larios Gómez is also a resident of the Center, he pointed out that they authorized this building in an area not allowed, which has caused many problems, for which they request the intervention of the authorities.

“They already have a capital gain here, which they have been maintaining and they want to prevent it from collapsing, because that construction is made in 200 square meters, when they have 600 or more and have always respected the laws and you do not understand why now in They let them build four floors in such a small place, they are very scared because 7 years ago this debacle began where everyone wants to build,” he stressed.

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Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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