#TodosSomosLoret: Journalists express their support for Carlos after AMLO’s illegal attack


Communication professionals, artists, musicians, actors joined in shows of solidarity towards Carlos Loret de Mola.

After the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, exhibited this Friday the supposed annual salary that Carlos Loret de Mola receives, which allegedly exceeds 35 million pesos, numerous journalists have expressed their support and solidarity to his colleague.

Through Twitter, numerous communicators have come together to support the television presenter and have taken the opportunity to condemn the use of confidential data with the sole mission of attacking him.

Cuenta “TodosSomosLoret”, ha convocado a más de 60 mil twitteros que apoyan  al periodista – Periódico Ruta

The first to show his solidarity was his close friend and colleague Víctor Trujillo, who assured that López Obrador revealed “his true face.”

” All my solidarity, my support, and my love, dear Carlos Loret. Your excellent work has revealed to us today the true face of the regime. I hug you,” he wrote.

For his part, the journalist, Raymundo Riva Palacio, through the same social network, pointed out that the revelations of the Mexican president only endanger the physical integrity of Loret de Mola.

“ The illegal aggression of President López Obrador against Carlos Loret is an attack against everyone in the media. Today Loret’s physical integrity is in danger, and the potential mastermind of anything that happens to me is the tenant of the National Palace, ”he mentioned.

Along the same lines, José Cárdenas joined, criticizing the president for attacking “freedom of expression and democracy.”

While the journalist Yuriria Sierra wrote: “And who will design and implement a mechanism to protect journalists against “the morning”? All my solidarity with Carlos Loret, Denise Dresser, Aristegui, Brozo and all the colleagues who have been singled out from power for carrying out their work”.

However, they were not the only communicators who raised their voices, as more professionals joined under the hashtag “We are all Loret” to express their solidarity.

Likewise, accounts such as Mexicans against corruption, W Radio, The Washington Post, and Latinus shared a statement in which they condemned the use of confidential data by López Obrador to attack journalist Carlos Loret.

AMLO vs. Loret: Is it a crime for the president to spread personal data?

The president exhibited private information of a citizen, which represents a risk to his integrity, but also goes against some laws of the country.

In his daily message, he also stressed that he was going to request that these incomes be corroborated by the authorities in the matter, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

In this case, as head of government, President López Obrador would incur in an offense of this type, sanctioned by the Federal Law of Administrative Responsibilities of Public Servants. 

“At the moment he points out the income of any person, he is exhibiting it, it is not an exhibition of how much he earns, any individual can earn what he wants. He is placing him in a state of vulnerability,” he said in an interview with Grupo Formula.

During his conference, the president said that “they gave me a report” in which the information related to the income of the Latin American journalist is exposed.

In this regard, Perdomo added that if the information is true, there would be an anomaly because it is information that should be in the hands of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, as the journalist pointed out, or specifically by the Financial Intelligence Unit, that the current government has used to pressure criminal groups and some opposition figures.

“If what he is saying is true, who gives him the authority? He is not the Secretary of the Treasury, he is not the FIU, where did he obtain that data if it is true? He is handling not only sensitive data of individuals, but it is also revealing elements of knowledge of administrative units of which it is not the owner,” he explained.

Loret de Mola, exhibited

Divulging this type of information puts the journalist at risk since it is sensitive information that can make him an object of crime. This could be considered a crime, which at the time, Loret de Mola himself will decide whether or not he reports it to the Attorney General’s Office.

On the other hand, being data that could come from instances not headed by López Obrador, could be pointed out of improper use of personal data, on the one hand; and on the other, the exercise of powers not conferred. 

“Through the Ministry of Public Administration, a sanctioning process can be initiated for a type of trial related to investigating acts or omissions committed by public servants,” Perdomo said.

In addition, he questioned whether an investigation was carried out against the journalist himself since the president stressed that he would seek to validate that information before the authorities of his government. 

However, he anticipated that the sanctions could not go very far, because while it could reach removal from office and disqualification, it is more likely that it will remain in some minor sanction, such as a reprimand against AMLO. 

INAI’s response

In the afternoon, the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) reported that it remains attentive to the complaint that Loret de Mola may present, complying with the respective requirements and through the means established for such. effect, in case of noticing an alleged violation of the applicable legal framework, to the detriment of their right to the protection of personal data.

He stressed that the law applicable to the case is the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Obliged Subjects (LGPDPPSO).

“This General Law defines as personal data any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person and provides that, for its treatment, the principles of legality, purpose, loyalty, consent, quality, proportionality, information and responsibility,” he detailed in a statement.

He added that this institution is responsible for ensuring that any public institution of the Federation complies with the principles and duties established by the Law for the processing of personal data, as was the case of Loret de Mola. Formula Group requested an interview with an INAI commissioner, but so far the request remains pending.

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