Yucatan’s UTM offers postgraduate degree in Aeronautics


With 34 students, a number higher than the one expected, the Yucatan state government launched the new postgraduate program in Aeronautical Engineering at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM), the only one in the state to train specialists to apply their competence, skills, and abilities to propose solutions to the aerospace sector, improve its environment and attract investment, according to a bulletin.

This is the first generation that will study this specialty and contributes to consolidating the territory as a pole in this field at a national level. Half of the people enrolled belong to companies in this field in the state and seven of them were already enrolled in the same institution.

Among the competitive advantages and benefits of this plan is the academic level of the professors who teach the classes, as they have specialized training at the postgraduate level and work in different renowned national and international firms, such as Aeromexico, General Electric, Safran Group of France, PCC Airfoils and FAA, among others.

Students will be able to use modern technological tools in the Design, Innovation and Digital Manufacturing, Logistics and Industry 4.0 Laboratories, recently inaugurated at UTM and equipped with the French platform Dassault Systemes, the most widely used in this industry for design, process simulation, and functionality tests on parts, components, and assemblies.

They will also have access to a hangar at the Merida International Airport, with the benefit of having operational aircraft to learn in a real environment.

The world leader in aeronautics, Airbus, recently arrived in Yucatán with the installation of the first Helicopter Pilot Training Center “Heliescuela” in the southeast of the country, which consolidates the state as a reference in the aerospace industry and the professional quality instruction of pilots not only in Mexico but also in all of Latin America and North America, according to the bulletin. Globally, Airbus is a leader in aeronautics, space, and related services. In 2018, it had a workforce of around 134,000 employees and generated revenues of €64 billion. The company offers the most comprehensive range of passenger aircraft.

It is also Europe’s leading manufacturer of refueling, combat, transport, and mission aircraft. In helicopters, Airbus provides the world’s most efficient civil and military helicopter solutions.

Source: Yucatan Ahora

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