Roberto Palazuelos outed for reusing guest food in his Tulum hotel restaurant


A video has been broadcast on social networks where Roberto Palazuelos is exhibited for reusing the food left by guests of his Diamante K hotel

This was stated by an adult woman who, she says, was employed by the businessman in this complex that has haute cuisine restaurants with various gastronomic specialties. 

And it is that, according to her story, Roberto Palazuelos also known as Black Diamond prefers to reuse the food that his clients did not finish completely to save on expenses and prevent the costs of supplies from these areas from increasing.

Does Roberto Palazuelos reuse food?

“The waiter arrives with the basket of bread. With a slice cut in half, it was easy for him to grab a piece and eat it. But Roberto Palazuelos said Look at this son of a bitch, he is eating the bread and that is why expenses are rising, ”said the woman in the recording. 

In addition, he pointed out that this was not the only time that Palazuelos asked his employees to reuse food that his guests did not finish as a way to save costs. Generating controversy on social platforms.

Exhiben a Roberto Palazuelos por rehusar alimentos dejados por los huéspedes de su hotel

“I told him, Roberto is a bread that the diners left, to which he replied Yes, but you know that you have to recycle it,” said the woman who received this instruction within her hotel complex.

The video has gained fame on social networks and has joined the wave of criticism that Palazuelos recently accumulated after it became known that he will be a candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo.

“I can tell him to his face because he knows it […] he recycles the tomato, the lemon, the bread, anything the customer leaves, the mayonnaise. Everything recycles”, concluded the former employee of Hotel Diamante K, owned by Roberto Palazuelos. 

In this regard, Palazuelos has not given any statements nor has his hotel released a position on the accusation for reusing food, until now. However, social network users strongly criticized the businessman. 

Exhiben a Roberto Palazuelos por rehusar alimentos dejados por los huéspedes de su hotel de Cancún

In addition to reusing guest food, Roberto Palazuelos accused of obtaining his hotels through theft

Roberto Palazuelos was exhibited after it was revealed that he has a hotel that would have been robbed with the support of former PRI governor Roberto Borge Regeneración, 30 de […] The entry Roberto Palazuelos would have obtained one of his hotels through robbery se…

Roberto Palazuelos was exhibited after it was revealed that he has a hotel that would have been robbed with the support of former PRI governor Roberto Borge

The actor would have supported Roberto Borge to obtain land

The candidate for the governorship of Quintana RooRoberto Palazuelos, could have obtained part of his hotels at the cost of invasions and even forged documents.

After the announcement about the actor’s political aspirations, Roberto Palazuelos was exhibited on networks with the statements of one of his friends, Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Rankin.

During the video, the comedian recalled that his friend Roberto Palazuelos is nothing more than a character that makes him “mirrey”.

The foregoing cast doubt on the fortune of which the ‘Black Diamond’ boasts so much, and unleashed its possible responsibility in the dispossession of land.

In the conversation, belonging to an interview with Yordi Rosado, Van Rankin assured that one of the Palazuelos hotels had been robbed.

“He has nothing, Palazuelos has two small hotels there, one was stolen from him, I don’t know where (…) he bluffs him a lot and that’s why I told him the day I got on a plane… I saw him arrive in Aeroméxico to Los Cabos”

Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Rankin mentioned

The robbery of the hotel by Roberto Palazuelos

Roberto Palazuelos has boasted of his various properties located in Quintana Roo, some of them are hotels that generate income for the actor.

However, little is known about the origin of the economic resources with which Palazuelos would have acquired the properties in the tourist area.

Although it is known that the ” Black Diamond ” has made several projects on television, his hotels are still in doubt.

In February 2017, the then spokesman for the settlers’ association in TulumEddie Villareal, accused Palazuelos of evicting residents with false documents.

Land dispossession supported by Borge

Villareal declared during an interview with MVS Radio that the actor would be in a criminal network after using documents with false signatures to dispossess Quintana Roo of land.

Eddie Villareal said he had evidence of the papers that Palazuelos used, which would have the signatures of former President Miguel de la Madrid.

“Forged papers were used, false signatures were used in the crudest way, there are those of Miguel Alemán and they even put other dates on it”

the spokesperson explained in 2017

On the other hand, the aspiring candidate for the Citizen Movement was accused of having properties with false deeds.

“The deeds are totally falsified and vitiated from origin to such a degree, and Palazuelos was with us 8 years ago, that he sent a letter addressed to the governor of those years”

The spokesman also implicated Roberto Palazuelos for having security guards who carry weapons for federal use at his disposal.

“Bring bodyguards with federal-type weapons, 43 hotels and 19 beach lots are irregularly active, ordered by Borge at the suggestion of Palazuelos”

These situations were exhibited at the end of the government of Roberto Borge, who governed Quintana Roo with the PRI during the period 2011 to 2016.

The actor was accused by Lydia Cacho of being part of organized crime in Tulum

At the beginning of 2022, the journalist pointed out to Palazuelos that he was in a network that is dedicated to obtaining resources from Tulum irregularly.

Cacho published an investigation entitled ‘Tulum: Land of ambitions’ where he explained the dispossession of land and the wave of violence in the area.

The journalistic work pointed out the responsibility towards various public servants, politicians, and businessmen from Quintana Roo, where the name of Roberto Borge stood out.

Although Roberto Palazuelos is not directly mentioned in the investigation of Lydia Cacho, he would also be involved in the land dispossession.

After the strong revelations, the actor was outraged and threatened the journalist with lawsuits, however, doubts about his properties continue to arise.

Finally, Roberto Borge, to whom the ” mirrey ” gave support during the campaign, is arrested for money laundering and irregular handling of public resources during his tenure in Quintana Roo.

The PRI was arrested in 2017 after being singled out for leaving Quintana Roo in financial bankruptcy, and he is also credited with selling land with lower-than-usual values ​​for the benefit of businessmen and their colleagues.


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