6 injured one death in Queretaro accident at the historic Los Arcos


A tragic accident was recorded this morning at the traffic light intersection of Calzada de Los Arcos and Circunvalación, in the direction of Bernardo Quintana in the capital of Querétaro, where a Chevrolet, Aveo type with license plates for the entity and a yellow taxi were involved.

▷ El Acueducto, Los Arcos de Querétaro 【2022】

The versions that could be obtained at the scene indicated that the Aveo was circulating on the Circunvalación towards Universidad and the taxi on Calzada de Los Arcos, towards B Quintana, when it was hit by the Aveo in the rear right corner, projecting the taxi towards one of the columns of the Arches, staying on top of the trunk of the Aveo and trapped between the column.

A female person who was traveling as a taxi passenger, unfortunately, died at the scene, while another six people were treated by different emergency medical technicians (TUM), four of them transferred to the General Hospital and Social Security, two of them in code yellow, due to the serious injuries they presented.

The road was closed in both directions, while the emergency forces carried out extraction and containment of liquid leaks from the vehicles since the engine of one of the units remained in the central lane.

Personnel from the Forensic Medical Service carried out the corresponding procedures to find out, through the expert opinion, how the fact of land transit originated and thus be able to determine responsibilities.

Source: elqueretano.info

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