Believe it or not… Mexico has become a world leader when it comes to gender equality in politics


In Mexico, half of Congress is now female and seven of the country’s 32 governors are women. This is partly due to changing attitudes but also to federally mandated gender equality laws.

Mexico is known for its macho culture, and the country has now become one of the world’s leaders in gender political equality.

Half of all members of Mexico’s Congress are now women, as are seven of the country’s 32 governors.

But while Mexico’s glass ceiling is clearly cracking, it’s unclear whether 2021’s parity will translate into real power.

In 2019, lawmakers went even further, passing a constitutional amendment mandating gender parity in everything – something unprecedented in Latin America and probably the world, says Piscopo.

That’s given women a chance for top jobs in all levels of government, from Cabinet positions to mayorships.

Source: NPR

Mexico Daily Post