Ecocide: AMLO’s government destroys 20,000 trees in Quintana Roo to build the Maya Train


The Federal Government of Mexico seems to be a totally improvised team of unprepared people, without direction, that all they have are occurrences, unfounded ideas.

The projects promoted by the Federal Government must be based on a serious diagnosis and solid foundations that meet all the requirements established by the Law, such as the environmental impact study, which this Maya Train project did not have. Various experts warned about the negative environmental consequences that the construction of the Mayan Train would have. Today we are witnessing this terrible damage.

It is not only about the loss of the resources invested in the construction of the Cancun-Playa del Carmen section, it is about the destruction of a total of 20 thousand trees. This constitutes the worst attack against nature on record, in one word “ecocide”.

Once again, and like in many other matters of national life, the Federal Executive lied.

President Lopez Obrador himself said that no tree would be cut down for the construction of the Maya Train, and today Mexico is missing 20,000 trees.

With this ecocide, the presence of biodiversity is in great danger. This is an event that has provoked international concern, so those responsible for this appalling decision must be punished.

The environmental heritage belongs to each and every Mexican, damaging it is an aggravating factor in the face of global warming and climate change emergency and survival on Earth. It translates into an irreparable impact on future generations.

The foregoing makes it clear that the projects of the Federal Government are a failure: they go against the environment, they do not have any planning, they lack technical criteria; its bias is political and the true goal is not to provide a benefit to Mexicans but to strengthen the role of the president of Mexico as the main builder of modern Mexico.


Is the Maya Train Project construction is advancing? Yes, but the lack of planning and serious analysis of such important projects due to their magnitude, are affecting the environment and public finances.

Those words that Luis Donaldo Colosio said are more valid than ever, he said he saw a “Mexico of people aggrieved by the distortions imposed on the law by those who should serve it. Of women and men afflicted by abuse by the authorities or by the arrogance of government officials”.

And this is just the construction phase, just imagine the wide array of “irregularities” that could come up in the near future, when the train is up and running through the forests that we should be protecting instead of destroying.

Source: CR Comunicación

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