Second death confirmed after attack at Xcaret hotel; DEA will investigate Grupo Xcaret


After this Sunday the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office reported that an investigation folder had been opened for the shooting at the Xcaret hotel, the Canadian Embassy confirmed that the DEA is already targeting the Xcaret Group .

And it is that during the shooting at the hotel, located in the municipality of Solidaridad, three people of foreign origin were attacked with a firearm while the FGE declared that two murdered people had criminal records such as drug trafficking and false identity use. .

Presumably, Robert Dinh, one of the two Canadians executed in the hotel, would be linked to Cong Dinh, leader of a criminal group wanted by the DEA for his alleged activities in laundering millions of dollars from drug trafficking as leader of the Vietnamese mafia.

In this sense, according to Canadian security authorities, it will lead to Grupo Xcaret being subjected to an investigation of approximately six months by the Canadian authorities.

“The situation is complicated because they were not just any people, the Canadian authorities ask how they managed to enter Mexico and especially the participation of this mafia in the State or the links they may have,” said Alejandro Daisuke, commissioner of the Canadian Consulate.

“It will be a long investigation in which the Drug Control Administration (DEA) will surely also participate, which is why Grupo Xcaret will have to provide all the elements and it will be investigated,” added Daisuke.

The commissioner detailed that the criminal organization led by Dinh allegedly transported ecstasy and marijuana to the South of the United States, as well as cocaine to the North of Canada, and had affiliates in California, Mexico, Australia and Vietnam, for which the authorities of the countries neighbors will not rest until they find the mobiles that led to the attack.

“It is likely that several authorities will travel to Quintana Roo to continue with the line of investigation, the DEA in the company of other agencies, it will be a matter of time to know the coordinated actions they will take,” he revealed.

The events occurred around 2:30 p.m. at the Xcaret Mexico hotel, where chaos was generated in the building after the shots were fired, for which security protocols were applied and the tourists who witnessed the event went to protect themselves. bedrooms.

The news was of an international nature, as it also recalled the criminal acts that occurred in the last year in the tourist destination of the Mexican Caribbean.

Second death confirmed after attack at Xcaret hotel

The Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the second victim of an armed attack at the Xcaret hotel died.

The shooting allegedly happened in the afternoon inside a restaurant, where several people were arguing and one of them pulled out a gun and fired, leaving three people injured.

The three victims were quickly taken to a hospital, but one of them died on the way. Later, the FGE confirmed the death of the second victim.

Through its social networks, the FGE indicated that the investigations showed that the first deceased (ATCH.) had a criminal record: drug trafficking, false identity use -among others-. The second dead was identified as RJD, who also had a criminal history. They were both of Canadian origin.

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