CFE announced that during the month of February electricity rates will have an increase


Various media outlets echo the alert published by the Center for Economic Studies of the Private Sector, summed up in a sentence that we have read over and over again: “approval of the reform would be a major setback [because] [it would increase the cost of electricity, it would open a hole in public finances, it would cancel the transition to clean energy and it would violate the precepts of the USMCA

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) assured that since February there has been an increase in electricity rates due to the increase in gas that comes from Texas and is used for power generation; however, this increase has not affected users in the country.

“In the Mexican electricity market, precisely the price peak registered in February 2021 was due to the high costs of Texas gas; however, these were not transferred to the end user, since the executive has established an energy sovereignty policy in which this rate does not increase beyond inflation,” the company said.

According to what has been approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission, starting next February, the CFE ‘s 1E tariff will have a slight increase, this being the one that is applied in homes in Mexico that have an electricity consumption of less than 2,000 kilowatt-hours per month and that they are in cities with a minimum average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius during the summer.

Although, in general, in January, the users of the commission usually see a lower charge for the service, because, due to the more pleasant temperatures than other dates of the year, the air conditioners are no longer turned on, next month could hit your pocket.

Thus, the 1E rate was established by the CRE and applicable by the CFE in February: Basic consumption 0.887 for each of the first 75 (seventy-five) kilowatt-hours. Intermediate consumption 1,079 for each of the following 125 (one hundred twenty-five) kilowatt-hours. Excess consumption 3,153 for each kilowatt-hour additional to the previous ones.

But don’t worry, it is always possible to have savings on your payment, just by taking certain habits, which seem to be simple, but are really significant.

tips of the experts so that your family economy is not affected.

1. Replace incandescent bulbs with savers: This is the best known and most followed measure by users, since it is believed that devices that use LED light last 10 times longer than traditional ones and consume 4 times less light. 

2. Buy energy-saving devices: When buying a new appliance, make sure that it has a certificate that supports energy savings, in addition to the fact that it is advisable to buy different brands and models to verify with which you are going to generate greater savings. 

3. Check the wiring of your house: It is vitally important that, from time to time, you do a review of the electrical wiring that you have in your house, because, according to experts, its poor condition will only cause you more expenses. , not to mention the risks of short circuits and damage to your devices.

4. That your refrigerator and air conditioners are not close to a heat source: If these two devices are very close to the sun’s rays or the stove, they will make a greater effort to cool, which will imply greater cost of electricity, and with it, the cost of the CFE bill will rise significantly. 

As you have already read here, small changes in the home can mean that the family economy is not so affected and that, “do not tremble” every month that the receipt arrives at your house and it is time to pay for the service.

Mexico Daily Post