San Miguel de Allende “Jóvenes Adelante” Opens its Doors for 2022 Applicants


Jóvenes Adelante proudly, officially, begins its application/selection process for the 2022 student class on Monday, January 17, and remains open until February 22, 2022. As of this writing, more than 340 students have attended our Facebook orientation to the process; application forms have been available on our website since mid-November. JA’s goal is to admit 35 new students into its five-year scholarship program. To meet the target, we will find the students, the sponsors, and the mentors!

The JA application process is rigorous and takes several months, requiring not only evidence of strong academic performance, but also a complete package of information that demonstrates both potential and need. In 2021, Jóvenes Adelante received 557 initial applications for an eventual 34 scholarship slots! Each of these initial applications is vetted first for basic requirements: first-generation, full-time university students who are residents of San Miguel de Allende who have at least three remaining years of study, a GPA of at least 8.5, and are less than 30 years old. 

Pre-selection will be completed in February, followed by a formal evaluation of essays, budgets, and complementary information in March. In April the in-house interviewing teams will begin student interviews, followed by family interviews for finalists (online or onsite is still an unknown.) The final selection of approximately 35 students and a waiting list will be in June and early July.

The wait for those who are admitted to Jóvenes Adelante is well worth it, as on average 85 percent of them will graduate university and receive their professional credentialing, thanks to the most robust university support package in Mexico. 

One student, just graduating, shared her gratitude with Team JA this week:

“Thank you for the mission, vision, and dedication that you put in each of all the people who make up this organization. Without a doubt, you are the link through which I found the wonderful people who gave me their support. 

I also want to express my gratitude for the events that have been carried out and the facilities that they provide us to achieve the objective of motivating young people to follow their dreams. The courses that I have had the opportunity to take have allowed me both personal and professional growth. 

I am grateful for the trust you place in the dreams of young people so that we fulfill our goals, giving us the necessary tools to have knowledge beyond what each learns in their chosen career.

I am very grateful for all the things you have given me. And I want to continue being part of Jóvenes Adelante, hoping one day to help the young people of the future.”

Now is a critical time to be part of the student 2022 class as a financial sponsor. We never accept a student until a financial commitment is secured. Thirty-five sponsorships is our goal, and we are well on our way with almost 20 to date. To discuss sponsorship, please contact


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