Profeco reveals which is the company with the worst internet service


The Profeco data covers the first and second quarters of 2021, we tell you which companies have the most complaints.

If you have doubts about the quality of the internet service offered by different companies, the Federal Consumer Protection Office ( Profeco ) announced which are the companies with the most complaints in 2021; so you can decide with whom you should not contract, if you stay with your service provider or change to another outright.

The Attorney General’s Office reported the number of complaints it received for Internet service in the first and second quarters of 2021, through the General Directorate for Telecommunications Consumer Protection (DGPCT).


According to data from Profeco, during 2021 complaints to the internet service increased by up to 61%, compared to 2020. Similarly, from January to April 2021, 499 complaints were received; in 2020, 325; an increase of 54%.

As far as May through August 2021, there were 551 complaints filed; in 2002, 342, which represents an increase of 61%. Although Profeco did not disclose which ones had the fewest complaints, it did point out which ones had the most, so you can make a better decision based on this data.

What are you entitled to when the internet service fails?

Regardless of the internet service you have contracted (Izzi, Totalplay, Megacable, Telmex), the Federal Telecommunications Institute (Ifetel) points out that when the internet connection is interrupted, the service provider has to compensate you with a corresponding park. at the price of the service that you stopped receiving, in addition to having to discount yourself with at least 20% of the time that you were left without a signal, as established in NOM-184-SCFI-201.

What to do if the company does not compensate you for the failure?

If the company does not respect the right you have as a consumer, and does not make the compensations on your bill, Ifetel recommends entering I am a User to file your complaint and the request is sent directly to the responsible company. Once the complaint reaches them, the company will have to contact the user in no more than 48 hours to resolve the situation.

On the same platform, you can also make claims in case you have an unrecognized charge. Additionally, as a user, you can contact the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) where you can also file your complaints.

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