Gasoline and diesel prices today January 18th


It was the only type of fuel that increased this Tuesday, January 18; Premium and Diesel stay with those of the previous day.

The owners of vehicles that use Magna gasoline, today will have to adjust their money since the fuel registered a new rise, the second of the week; Premium and Diesel remained “parked” at the prices of the previous day. 

Here are the national average prices for this day and the comparison with those of the previous day. 

• A liter of Magna gasoline in the Mexican Republic today costs 20.69 pesos, yesterday 20.68
• The average cost of Premium gasoline is 22.59, the same as yesterday. 
• The price of Diesel today in Mexico is 22.06 pesos, the same as yesterday.
It is important for the population to remember that there are various systems through which they can check the average prices in their region, one is through the application of Profeco, Liter per Liter; Another is to check the page of the Energy Regulatory Commission itself, as well as pages that offer you this quick look, such as gasolinemx, one of the most consulted for this. 

Average price of gasoline in SINALOA today
Magna 20.93
Premium 23.13
Diesel 21.89
Average price of gasoline in BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE today
Magna 19.68
Premium 21.93
Diesel 20.89
Average price of gasoline in MEXICO CITY – CDMX today
Magna 21.33
Premium 23.36
Diesel 22.31
Average price of gasoline in COAHUILA today
Magna 20.27
Premium 22.48
Diesel 21.51
Average price of gasoline in QUINTANA ROO today
Magna 21.61
Premium 22.85
Diesel 22.97

Although Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) gas stations are the best known, other brands that will have gas stations have already entered the country, for example: Oxxo Gas, Gasmart Gasolineras, Grupo Perc, ExxonMobil, Petro-7, G500, BP, Shell, Gulf and Coppel.

Check the updated price of gasoline today in Mexico and in the different states, municipalities and regions of the country, in which the Energy Regulatory Commission has divided according to economic zones. To check the price of fuel in your state, we recommend THIS PAGE.

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