The relocation of street vendors will begin in Oaxaca after an agreement is reached


After multiple talks between the municipal authorities of Oaxaca de Juárez and street vendor leaders, they reached an agreement to set up a service desk in order to be able to relocate them to the streets.

In addition, they will conduct a survey of how many merchants are registered and have up-to-date payments.

According to the municipal authorities of the City Council, both the regulation of commerce on public roads and the right of informal merchants known as street vendors to have a job will be respected.

The announcement of the “single service desk for people who carry out commercial activity in spaces or on public roads” indicates that starting today, each merchant will be able to go in person to regularize their situation or resolve concerns.

The sources consulted by this publishing house affirm that on this occasion “the regulations and the commercialization zones that they established and those that are prohibited due to the designation of Cultural Patrimony of Humanity will be respected.”

Ambulantes en Oaxaca de Juárez

“Forbidden Zones” 

The Regulation for the Control of Commercial Activities and Services on Public Roads of the Municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez indicates that the prohibited areas for the installation of stalls are: 

To the North, through the streets of Independencia that goes from 20 de Noviembre and Porfirio Díaz to the streets of Armenta y López and Cinco de Mayo.

To the West, along the street of November 20 from Avenida Independencia to the street of the houses.

To the south through the streets of Las Casas and first of Colón, which runs from November 20 to Armenta and López.

To the East through the streets of Armenta and López, which goes from Colón to Independencia.

Likewise, it will be requested that merchant stalls respect the path for pedestrians and people with disabilities without affecting the access and mobility of people who reside in the Historic Center.

Con “mesa única de atención”, contemplan revisar comercio ambulante | El  Imparcial de Oaxaca

This means that street vendors who are up to date and verify that they have a permit issued by the Capital City Council, would not return to their place, but they will be guaranteed to continue their work on the streets.

In the same way, with the visits of the merchants in the next few days, the municipality will be able to know the number of informal street workers in the Historic Center, since it is a fact that they do not know and despite the fact that censuses would be carried out, these do not were concluded.

Ambulantes, plaga en el centro histórico de Oaxaca

According to some censuses, there are more than 5 thousand, the response to the request for information with number UT/603/202, made by this publishing house, indicates that the Subdirectorate for the Regulation of Activity on Public Roads of the municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez it has the record of only 1,589 taxpayers.


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