Tag PASS, Save time when paying at toll booths!


Imagine that you finally have a few days off to rest and go visit that tourist place that you have always wanted to visit. As the foresighted person that you are, you investigate the place to know where to stay, where to eat, what to visit etc. The day before you prepare your suitcase, check your car and set your alarm so that you leave the next day, as early as possible.

The next day you get up, get in your car, program the destination in your favorite navigation app and go to your destination at the scheduled time. Everything is going well, you are enjoying the music while driving, you talk with your partner about the plans that await you, you agree on where to stop to eat something delicious on the way.

Unfortunately, your navigation app starts showing you that just before the toll booth, a fair amount of traffic starts to build up and you’re probably going to be up to half an hour late.

And while you’re there in traffic, trying to move into the faster lane, taking care not to hit other drivers who are trying to do the same, you notice that at the end there is an empty toll booth, which hardly anyone occupies, and those who occupy it pass in a matter of seconds. How do they do that!?

Easy, with a PASS Tag.

What is the PASS Tag?

The Tag Pass is a device that allows you to pay the toll on toll roads and affiliated parking lots, automatically and without the need to use cash. Once placed in your car, you will be able to use multiple existing electronic toll lanes throughout Mexico.

This will save you time and avoid the hassle of counting cash, especially if you’re traveling a long distance with multiple toll booths.

The Tag Pass offers you several advantages, but one of the most relevant is that it has a mobile application through which you can keep an exact record of the booth crossings you make, as well as their costs.

How the Tag Pass for Booths v001 works

This information will be of great help to monitor your monthly expenses. Another advantage it offers is that you can easily bill either complete trips or specific sections, which is perfect in case you need to justify expenses on business or work trips throughout the Mexican Republic.

Due to its characteristics, the PASE Tag system is also very practical for corporate clients, since they can keep exact control over the routes of their fleets and bill these toll expenses in a simple way.

How does the PASS Tag work?

The PASE Tag works as an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. When you arrive at the booth you must choose one of the exclusive lanes for this automatic payment system. Once you arrive at the reading zone, your PASE Tag will be identified by the reading antenna located on the roof structure of the payment plaza.

Once your Tag is identified, the system validates, via satellite, if you have enough balance in your account to make the crossing. If so, the cost is deducted from your balance, the information is recorded in the system and the pen is raised to allow you to cross, all automatically and in a matter of seconds.

In case you do not have the minimum balance in your tag, you will not be able to make the electronic payment of the toll, so you will not be able to cross and you will have to pay the fee in cash. Once you have crossed the booth, the system will automatically send you an email and SMS notification about the crossing you made and its cost.

A record of the crossing will also be saved within your app with the time, date, cost, and toll booth name.

Types of PASE Tag

PASE offers its users four types of devices, each one designed for each need and with different recharge options:


This type of device is permanent. It adheres to the windshield of your car and once this is done, the vehicle is definitively associated with the tag. It is for this reason that when processing it, it will be necessary to provide all the information about your car, including: brand, model, and serial number.


If you decide on this device, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean the surface on which you want to place it. The price of this device is $100 pesos if you buy it directly with the PASE company and $180 pesos if you buy it by other means.

Portable device

The portable PASE Tag was designed to be used in more than one vehicle. It has a plastic base, which adheres to the windshield of the car, and on which the Tag is mounted with pressure.

The account of this portable Tag is linked to a single driver, regardless of the vehicle they use, so if you need to use it in another vehicle you will only have to change it to the other car and that’s it!


Its weight is really light so you can easily move it. Its cost is $100 pesos if you buy it in the modules of the PASE company or online, the price increases to $150 pesos if you buy it in other sales channels and up to $180 pesos if you buy it in the field. It is worth mentioning that this price is only for the device without balance.

Outside Device

The company offers a version that can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle, either on the grill or the roof of the vehicle. This is especially useful for transport trucks and since it is fixed on the vehicle, the device is non-transferable.


Its measurements are 23.5 cm wide and 6 cm high. The cost of the device is $580 pesos without a balance.

Device for armored cars

This model is specifically designed for use on armored vehicles. This Tag is placed on the license plate holder of the vehicle. Its cost is $500 pesos without a balance.


Where to place the PASS Tag?

This depends on the type of PASE Tag you purchase. Sticker-type devices must be placed somewhere on the windshield of the vehicle. In this way, they can be read by the reading antenna. Portable type devices can be carried inside the vehicle, preferably in the front of the vehicle.

It is common to see them attached to the windshield with a support, in the case of carrying it on a motorcycle they can go inside the trunk space. Finally, the external devices must be placed in the front part of the vehicle, in the case of the armored model it is placed in the plate holder.

Where to buy your PASS Tag?

You can acquire the PASE Tag for private use through any of the points of sale in nearby stores such as: Supervía Module, Super K, Seven Eleven, Sanborns, GO Mart, Super Q, Extra, Farmacias del Ahorro, Happy Go, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Asturiano, OXXO Stores and Pits.

You can also purchase the PASE Tag online, directly at the company’s online store. One of the benefits of buying it this way is that it includes home delivery service at no extra cost, through the most common courier services. The online purchase process is very simple!

Tag Pass for installment payment v002

How to activate your PASS Tag?

Before you can start using your tag you will need to activate it. To do this, you will need to download the PASE application from the AppStore or from the PlayStore and create an account with your name, address, tax data, and data of the vehicle where you are going to use it.

Once this is done, you can enter the device ID, as well as link your credit or debit card in case you are interested in automatic charges being made. Once you make a minimum recharge of $200 pesos, your Tag will be active and you will be able to use it.

How to know the balance of the PASE Tag?

It’s very simple, if you have the application installed you only have to access it to see your balance and the details of your charges. You can also dial the telephone service at 800 900 7273 where you can get information regarding the balance of your device.

Finally, you can check your balance at any of the official points of sale, by scanning the barcode, this only applies if you have a portable device.

How to recharge the PASE Tag?

For your convenience there are three ways to recharge your PASE Tag:


In this modality, the payment is made directly to your credit card once you cross the PASE toll module. You can link any of these cards without the need to leave a guarantee deposit ($1,000 pesos): BBVA Bancomer, American Express, Citi Banamex, Inbursa, Invex Banco, Santander, IXE and Banca Mifel.

If your card is from another institution, you must download a contract, sign it and send it along with a copy of your official identification to cavi@pase.com.mx so that you can link your card.


This is one of the easiest methods. Basically, you will have to go to the PASE sales modules or any commercial store and recharge your device for a minimum of $200 pesos (maximum of $2,000 pesos), presenting the ID or the barcode of the device. You can recharge in stores with cash or with a debit and credit card.

Direct Debit Prepayment

One of the most practical ways is to make the direct debit prepayment of your device. In this modality, your debit or credit card will be linked to your device and the automatic recharge will be carried out for the amount you establish. The amounts range from $500, $1,000, $1,500 to $2,000 pesos, the recharge will be made once your balance is less than $200 pesos.

How to invoice your PASE Tag?

Very simple, all you have to do is access your account on the PASE website. Once inside you have to click on the “Invoice” button, select the tolls that interest you, enter your tax data, confirm the invoice data and that’s it! An invoice will be generated in a period of 24 hours, so you can download it.

How much is the fine for passing without Tag PASE?

Although the operation of the Tag PASE system is very efficient and reliable along the federal highways and urban highways operated by the company, there may be times when the reader may not read your card. If this were to happen, there are usually staff at these toll plazas who can help you check your device using a reader.

But in the unfortunate event that no one was there and you crossed without paying, you could face a fine of between 60 to 70 days of minimum wage, which is equivalent to between $7,000 and $8,500 pesos. Why risk it? Better make sure that your card has a sufficient balance and that it is working properly.

How to deactivate the PASS Tag?

In case you are no longer going to use your PASE Tag, it is possible to deactivate it. To do so, it is necessary to enter your account on the PASE site, once inside, you will have to go to the “Your Tags” button.

This will display the list of Tags that you have linked to your account. Select the tag that you are interested in deactivating, click on the “Status” button and there you can choose between “Temporarily suspend” your tag or if you want to “Definitely cancel it”. The procedure is simple and will take a maximum of 24 hours.

What type of insurance does Tag PASE provide?

In the event that you suffer a car accident in a section where you have used your PAGE tag, you will be covered by the travel insurance granted by the company. This insurance is complementary to your car insurance and your medical expenses insurance if you have them.

There is no doubt that the Tag Pass is one of the most practical automotive accessories for driving on the roads of Mexico. Dare to try it, we are sure it will make your life easier.

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