VIDEO: Oxchuc criminals kidnap tourists on their way to San Cristobal de Las Casas


The kidnappers are followers of Hugo Gómez, who defines himself as the winner of the past electoral contests by uses and customs

Chiapas.- At least five “urvans” vehicles full of tourists, nationals, and foreigners were kidnapped this Tuesday night by residents of the indigenous municipality of Oxchuc, in the Altos de Chiapas region.

However, this Wednesday, around 4 in the morning, a group of transporters arrived at the town to rescue them without the help of any authority.

In fact, since yesterday a one-minute video began to circulate, recorded by a group of kidnapped passers-by, who demand that the authorities do something to rescue them.

“That they send us support to be able to get to San Cristóbal de Las Casas and be able to pass …”, said one of those affected, who was seconded by another tourist, who expressed: “We ask the government to intercede and arrive at an agreement with the people who are holding us here. “

Another of those affected, whose nationality was not revealed, expressed, in English, that they needed to reach the same colonial city.

Apparently, the kidnappers are followers and sympathizers of Hugo Gómez Sántiz, who defines himself as the winner of the past electoral contests for uses and customs that were held last December, but which were suspended due to the violence that was generated by a group armed. In fact, on that occasion, there was one dead and several wounded by bullets from high-caliber firearms.


The problems in that town have worsened for some years, but in recent weeks the situation has worsened. In addition to blocking the roads, antagonistic groups have attacked tourists, as happened a few days ago to a Russian couple, who were beaten because they refused to pay the required fee to continue on their way. In fact, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) initiated an investigation into this violent act.

In addition, the Oxchuc residents, apparently members of the criminal gang “María Tulukes” have sown fear by extorting truckers, who steal gasoline directly from the tanks of the “units.”

However, the situation in Oxchuc is more complicated than it seems, because on January 10, Román López Méndez, councilor of the town council of that town, sent a letter to a person in charge of the gas company in the Ocosingo region to request that he provide them with the service at the municipal seat.

… we promise to support them at all times so that they circulate quietly within our town and if someone should bother them, we will act immediately, “he wrote in the document.

Last Tuesday night it was also circulated that the protesters began to cut down trees to cross them on land roads and impede the circulation of private motorists and public transport of the Ocosingo-San Cristóbal de Las Casas stretch of road. What they want, according to what has transpired, is for the victory of Hugo Gómez Sántiz to be validated so that he takes office as elected mayor.


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