Residents of Temixco, Morelos protest against Canadian company Álamos Gold Esperanza Silver


Temixco, Morelos (January 10th, 2022).- For the second time residents of several neighborhoods protested against the Canadian company Álamos Gold Esperanza Silver in the state of Morelos.

In front of the Temixco city hall facilities, mothers, older adults, men, and adolescents protested asking for the support of the three government orders to stop the operation of the gold mine located in Tetlama.

For more than two hours, they blocked traffic on Emiliano Zapata Avenue in both directions; With banners, they exhorted the rest of Temixquenses to join the movement that they consider to be a fight for the health and life of citizens.

From seven in the morning, they met at the Tetlama Health Center, and they marched through the streets of Temixco until they reached the main avenue of the municipality.

People came from different parts of the state to protest against the gold mine that is operated by the Canadian company Álamos Gold Esperanza Silver.

Protesters came from Cuentepec, Unidad Morelos, Temixco, Acatlipa, Xochicalco, Tetlama; also from neighborhoods in the Cuernavaca area, such as Benito Juárez, Aeropuerto, Las Rosas, Francisco Villa, Centro; and other came from as far as Xochitepec, Alpuyeca; Miacatlán, Coatetelco and Tezoyuca, Zapata.

In an interview, the protesters assured that there is enormous concern about the installation of a mining company that would be extracting gold from the soil of the town of Temixco, which would cause an alteration of the ecological environment mostly due to the high level of contamination that a mining project of this kind brings, not only to this community and its surroundings but to the rest of the state of Morelos.

One of the spokesmen for the movement against the Canadian mine pointed out that the volume of land that the company’s personnel would be moving would be an area of ​​one thousand hectares and with this, it is intended to exploit thousands of tons.

“This means a great affectation to the environment of the whole state of Morelos. This Canadian company is putting the health of Temixquenses and Morelenses in general at risk,” said another of the leaders of the movement.

Protesters claim the installation of the gold mine would have a very serious negative environmental impact, because, in addition, it would be causing water scarcity, damage, and loss of the natural resources that belong to the communities, as high-scale dynamite detonations are necessary to dig the gold mine.

The protesters claim that the Canadian company Álamos Gold Esperanza Silver project will bring health and ecological problems to the region.

The protesters addressed a document to the mayor of Temixco, in which they point out:

The requirements:

That the municipal authorities declare Temixco free of all mining concessions
It is recognized that there are no ecological and sustainable mining companies that benefit the communities, which is why it demands that life and the ecosystem be protected.
Protect water, land, air is for life, not for mining.
That it be recognized that the peoples have been the guardians, that they have protected the territory, because we know that our lives depend on them, so we do not allow any mining project or anything that comes to contaminate our environment.
That the Temixco Municipal Land Management Program be respected and applied, which was developed with the participation of the inhabitants of the Cuentepec community in the previous three years.
The inhabitants of the community of Cuentepec demand that their individual and collective human rights be recognized and respected...

By CARLOS SOBERANES for El Diario de Morelos

Source: El Diario de Morelos

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