Yucatecans receive extortion calls from the “Jalisco Cartel”


In recent days, several Yucatecans have received extortion calls from alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

Just yesterday, Tuesday at 12:20 hours, businessman Rafael Morcillo López, who directed the Yucatán International Reading Fair in its early years, received a suspicious call from the number 7293-08-05-6 6.

“This person, with a calm voice and a northern accent, says to me: ‘Hello, how are you Don José Rafael Morcillo López?’, My full name, and as he call me by my name I answered: ‘Hello, how are you?’ , although he did not recognize the number ”.

The caller asked him how he is feeling and if he is aware of the crime problems in Mexico, to which Morcillo López answered yes, but what is the problem because Mérida is a quiet city he answers.

Then, the person told the businessman that a few days ago he sent for him to his house, giving him the exact address and that he was informed.

Then the caller introduced himself and asked him if he knows who he is. Morcillo López replied that he does not know him, for which the person told him that he had just had a meeting with the government because they are deciding to do some things in Yucatán.

The businessman then asked where they are calling him from and the caller assured him he was from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

Morcillo López immediately understood where the call was going and said to the extortionist: “What the hell, do you have a job offer for me? I have heard that the cartel is doing very well financially”.

Rafael Morcillo’s reaction was not what the person expected, who threw an insult at him and hung up angrily.

“They tell you the street where you live, your number, the neighborhood, your full name … you realize that they have information about me,” said the businessman, who recalled that a few years ago someone sold a list and it only remains for someone to have a copy of your voter registration card.

Therefore, he thinks that the call is not necessarily from someone who is in Mérida, as the caller assured when saying that hours before he had a government meeting, but that the calls can be made from the prisons.

Morcillo López recommended being very animated, not being intimidated, and knowing what to respond to. If you do not know what to say, better not answer and hang up.

“If we get stunned, the ‘darling’ will take us. It is the moment that as a society we say ‘not here, not in Mérida, not in Yucatán’ ”.

Another way of operating

The businessman Rafael Morcillo López was struck by the call, because before it was more common to call saying that a relative is kidnapped and asks for help.


“Now we are talking about professional people who have a list and if they see that there is a little hole where to enter after a while they will not only call us, but they can come as is happening in Ciudad del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun.” which is now cartel infested

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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