Proof of covid vaccination in Puerto Vallarta required in most public venues


Juan Carlos López Castañeda, owner of the Roxy bar in Puerto Vallarta, reported that he agrees to ask customers for the vaccination certificate as of this Friday as announced by the state governor. Even though the same measure had already been requested from the past municipal administration at the Mesa de Salud.

He recalled that six months ago, on behalf of the clubs and bars in this city, he had proposed it to the municipal and state authorities since this same measure was applied in other cities of the country.

“It is very good and it is obvious that right now all the people are going to be in controversy as to why they demand it but it is really very good and this will reduce infections, there are not many people hospitalized and the truth is I am in favor of that”.

He said that they are aware that at first, this measure will be very tedious when checking whether they are vaccinated or not. But they can now print the certificate on a card and carry it as if it were identification.

He commented that the clientele may drop since many have not been vaccinated but they should create awareness since with this new wave there are many infections and they must be prevented, so from this day on, they will be advertising on social networks and in their establishment that they will have The vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test must be mandatory.

It should be remembered that the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, reported that as of this coming Friday, January 14, the covid certificate will be requested in casinos, bars and clubs, stadiums, concerts, event rooms, convention centers, and mass events. proof of vaccination or negative test type PCR printed or digital with 48 hours of validity to the clients.

The certificate can be with a complete scheme (two doses) or with a single dose. Valid certificates will be:

  • The federal
  • The vaccination ballot delivered in Jalisco
  • The proof of vaccination applied in the United States or other countries.

This applies only to those over 18 years of age.