Yucatecans tried to defraud SuperHolly


The popular North American influencer known as “SuperHolly” revealed that several Yucatecans tried to defraud her when she was about to buy a truck in Mérida

In her most recent video, Holly Grace Marie Tuggy (the true name of the American-Mexican) shared that she plans to live for a time in Tulum with her husband, Benjamin.

For that reason, both (along with Paloma, SuperHolly’s mother-in-law) first traveled to Mérida to purchase a truck and thus avoid renting vehicles, as they plan to be touring the Yucatan Peninsula many times. They even carried cash, more than 100,000 pesos.

In Mérida the couple discovered that the Yucatecans who were trying to sell their car were resellers, that is, they did not know the history of the cars.

In one special case, a subject did not even own the truck, the papers he had were not in his name and he still intended to carry out the transaction.

The American indicated that in Facebook photos the trucks looked very good, however, when she saw them live and in full color, she was disappointed because they definitely left much to be desired.

The resellers were insistent, but Benjamin and Holly discovered too many faults in the cars that they chose not to buy them.

With the help of Yucatecan mechanics, the couple bought a truck that they liked, the problem is that it stank and was very dirty, a situation that they easily solved by sending it to a car wash and a mechanical workshop.

In this way, Holly, Benjamin, and their mother, Paloma, moved in their new car to Tulum, where they already have a house.
As is known, “SuperHolly” became famous for its videos in which she explains how words are pronounced in English and the mistakes that Mexicans make when speaking that language.

She was born in the United States but as a child, she lived for several years in Oaxaca because her father moved to that entity for work reasons, for that reason she speaks Spanish perfectly; She acquired Mexican nationality because of the love she feels for Mexico, not to mention that her husband is Mexican. It is quite common to observe it in the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya.

Source: plazagrande.com.mx

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