Gasoline and diesel prices today January 11th, 2022


Check the average price for fuel this Tuesday, January 11, 2022, do a good job of accounting and organize your routes well so that it reaches you

Mexico.- The adjustments that were established as a result of the new amounts and stimuli by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, everything indicates that they are ending, Magna gasoline and Diesel register identical prices this Tuesday, January 11, 2022, to the previous day.  

However, the same does not happen with Premium gasoline, which continues to rise, so if you have a vehicle that uses this type of fuel, you should take good care of your routes, since it will be more expensive than yesterday. 

Last Friday the Ministry of Finance announced the new amounts and stimuli applicable to fuels for this week, and the adjustments are presented immediately, so you must organize with opportunity and load what you need, so that you do not run out to be able to acquire other products or services that are also very necessary to get out of the day, the week and the fortnight without empty pockets. 

Here are the national average prices for this day and the comparison with those that began the first week of 2022.

• The liter of Magna gasoline in the Mexican Republic today costs 20.65, the same as yesterday.
• The average cost of Premium gasoline is 2.55 pesos, yesterday $ 22.54.
• The price of Diesel today in Mexico is 22.0, the same as yesterday.

It is important for the population to remember that there are various systems through which they can check the average prices in their region, one is through the application of Profeco, Liter by Liter; Another is to check the page of the Energy Regulatory Commission itself, as well as pages that offer you this quick glance as gasoline is one of the most consulted for this. 

Average price of gasoline in SINALOA today
Magna 20.86
Premium 23.11
Diesel 21.86

Average price of gasoline in MEXICO CITY – CDMX today
Magna 21.3
Premium 23.36
Diesel 22.27

Average price of gasoline in BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTH today
Magna 19.66
Premium 21.85
Diesel 20.84

Average price of gasoline in QUINTANA ROO today
Magna 21.41
Premium 22.68
Diesel 22.74

Average price of gasoline in MICHOACÁN today
Magna 21.07
Premium 23
Diesel 22.34

Check the updated price of gasoline today in Mexico and in the different states, municipalities and regions of the country, in which the Energy Regulatory Commission has divided according to economic zones. To check the price of fuels in your state, we recommend THIS PAGE.

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office ( Profeco ) set up a website in order to provide updated information on the service stations that sell gasoline and diesel with the lowest price registered in the CDMX and the rest of the country.

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