Partiers destroy a vehicle on the Mazatlán boardwalk, and miraculously, they are lucky to be alive …


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The driver of a car red Nissan Versa lost control unit and ended up on the bike path of the Malecon Mazatlan.

The events occurred this Sunday morning on Del Mar Avenue, in the section between Insurgentes and Rafael Buelna.

The accident caused the mobilization of local authorities and paramedics, who arrived at the site to provide first aid.

According to the first reports, the driver lost the direction of the steering wheel and before finishing his drive he knocked down some metal posts that divide the road from the place where the unit was stopped.

Five young people were traveling in the car, who were assessed by Red Cross paramedics.

Tourist police and traffic officers were the ones who carried out the corresponding work in the place and with the help of a tow truck, they transferred the vehicle to the municipal tow yard.

Paramedics arrived at the site and checked the passengers, who miraculously suffered only minor blows, while the driver was left at the disposal of Municipal Traffic officers.


The Mazatlan Post